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"Homage to Duchamp" is a composition which incorporates iconic images by Duchamp with elements from my universe of painting. I was able to include a lovely reference in the form of the Cacao pods which I had just photographed on a trip to Oaxaca, Mexico. In Oaxaca there is a street, Javier Mina, which is known as "chocolate street", shops are filled with chocolate grinders producing fresh Mexican chocolate for waiting patrons.

In my composition I have included Duchamp's Chocolate Grinder.  Duchamp saw it as an erotic machine , both in the motion of the grinding mechanism as well as in reference to the popular belief when chocolate first arrived in Europe that it was an Aphrodisiac.  This piece is a playful spin on Duchamp, filtered through my vision.     Gary Brewer

Gary Brewer,

Homage to Marcel Duchamp, 

2009, watercolor,

21” x 14”, $1,000

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January 9  -  February 7, 2010




Hanna Regev

& Steven Lopez

A native of California, Gary Brewer takes you on a journey into his powerful imagination with each canvas he paints.  The inspiration for his collective work stems from a fascination with natural and imagined organic forms, an ongoing study of creation and beauty.

“I seek to create a fearless beauty with my work, to state clearly the joy and power of living life deeply and to share that experience with the world through my paintings.”

Embracing the traditions of surrealism, he infuses his unique imagery with a timeless yet edgy style.  With over 300 hours invested in every masterwork, Gary’s disciplined search for perfection releases challenging imagery.  The fragile forms he paints are delicate lichens, sponges, coral and orchids, yet there is nothing timid about these biomorphic studies in brilliant color. Each staccato-like stroke sets the pace for his virtuoso talent; deliberate contradictions merging flora and sea forms into floating landscapes of desire.

In 2009 Mr. Brewer was profiled in Art Ltd. Magazine, his work was in the cover of the Nob Hill Gazette and had 2 solo shows, including A Seductive Nature at ArtZone 461 Gallery.

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