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Adam Cahoon’s paintings are informed by current advances in science such as String Theory and Quantum Mechanics. His works are visual representations of what scientists attempt to understand and explain.  Cahoon’s works are mind explorations, and as such, they establish points of connection with our multidimensional nature.  Like a traveler reporting from undiscovered territories, the Artist shows us the unknown in colorful shapes that seem to come alive in front of our eyes.   Cahoon’s works usually raise more questions than they provide answers, but they definitely offer us a visual insight into systems only described and understood by few brilliant minds today.

Adam Cahoon had a two-person show Science Fusion in 2009 and is represented by ArtZone 461 Gallery.

Adam Cahoon

The Wheel in Nature, 

2009, collage, 20” x 16”,  $700

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January 9  -  February 7, 2010




Hanna Regev

& Steven Lopez

Marcel of the Rocks, 

2009, collage, 12” x 8”,  $300


2009, collage, 10” x 8”,  $250

“Marcel didn't like me.  He would often say to me, "Adam, you are just too handsome, too talented, and far far too humble, to make anything but the most shallow art."  To this I would often respond thusly: "Marcel you tired old prick.  For the rest of my living days I will do nothing but make funnier more attractive versions of your portfolio at such a high rate, that eventually the entire world be sick of us both and we can go back to re-enacting episodes of General Hospital using puppets made of gefilte fish" (I was always much better at this than he was).  Eventually he died, and I am still alive.  So suck it Marcel.  You want to impress me?  Next time stay alive.      Yours, Adam.”                Adam Cahoon

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