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The Uterus, 2005,

engraved leather, paper

& human hair, 17" x 19" x 2”


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January 9  -  February 7, 2010




Hanna Regev

& Steven Lopez

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“My work is a celebration of the universe as it is, with its incredible vibrancy, worlds within worlds, and mystery.  I embrace the physical stuff of the world and love using it to create new vocabularies of form and meaning. Some works resonate content, others embody a state of being. My work is made with attention to detail and fine materials”.  Susan Danis

Danis' materials include everything and anything she can find, wherever she can find it.    Jeff Greenwald

Discards take on new life as suggestive curiosa; kitsch is transformed into treasure. Secret affinities between the cultural and the natural emerge and guide Danis's creative process. …Other sculptures parody real objects or embody impossible machines, recalling other mad and maddening gizmos like Duchamp's cryptic Hidden Object.             DeWitt Cheng   

For Cage #2, Danis fills the internal space of a found birdcage with white feathers, on a playful take of the found object’s purpose, and at the same time make us wonder if something is hidden inside.                                                                                                      

Californian Susan Danis is a sculptor who enjoys working with a colorful variety of materials. "Secret affinities between the cultural (toys, fabric, beads, locks, hooks, chains) and the natural (bones, teeth, coral, hair, taxidermic animals) emerge and guide Danis's process.

Susan Danis is inspired by her love of the universe and her travels. Danis earned her Bachelor of Art degree at the University of California at Berkeley and her Master of Fine Art degree at California College of Art.  Danis exhibits internationally.

Susan Danis

Cage #2,  2006,

wooden bird cage and feathers

40” x 30” x 12”