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Lit, 2005, oil on canvas on panel, 20” x 24”


2005, oil on canvas on panel,

6” x 6”

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Eric Wert's background as a scientific illustrator is apparent in his astonishing attention to detail.  But the difference between sheer illustration and fine art is inspiration.  Merely to depict something in great detail certainly takes skill but to transcend technical virtuosity one needs to have something to say or to be inspired.  

Eric Wert intends to shed new light on a tradition that began with Dutch still life.  Wert literally turns that tradition upside down.  In his paintings, we see bouquets of flowers, but they have been pushed blossom side down into the vase, causing petals to scatter.  Instead of sheer beauty, we begin to see a story.  Wert's accomplishment is to combine technique with humor and narrative.

Eric Wert received an undergraduate degree in Fine Arts from the Art Institute of Chicago and his  Master of Fine Arts Degree from Northwestern University. 

b. 1976, Portland, OR





2001    Master of Fine Arts, Northwestern University, Evanston, IL


1997    Bachelor of Fine Arts, School of the Art Institute of Chicago, Chicago, IL




2011    William Baczek Fine Arts, Northampton, MA


2009    William Baczek Fine Arts, Northampton, MA


2007    William Baczek Fine Arts, Northampton, MA


2006    Klaudia Marr Gallery, Santa Fe, NM


2005    William Baczek Fine Arts, Northampton, MA


2004    Klaudia Marr Gallery, Santa Fe, NM


            Gescheidle Gallery, Chicago, IL


            Prater Rouse Gallery, Norfolk, VA


2003    Gescheidle Gallery, Chicago, IL


            Fermilab National Accelerator Laboratory, Batavia, IL


1999    Contemporary Art Workshop, Chicago, IL



Illinois State Museum


New Britain Museum of American Art





2007    Illinois Arts Council Fellowship Award


2001    Union League Civic & Arts Foundation Scholarship, Chicago, IL


2000    Teaching Assistant Scholarship, Northwestern University, Evanston, IL


1999    Graduate Fellowship, Northwestern University, Evanston, IL




2008 - present    Adjunct Professor, Lewis and Clark College, Portland, OR



2002-2007    Adjunct Instructor, Moraine Valley Community College, Palos Hills, IL

                     Harrington Institute of Interior Design



1996-1999    Scientific Illustrator, Anthropology Department, Field Museum of Natural History,    

                     Chicago, IL



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