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461 Valencia Street
San Francisco, CA 94103
(between 15th & 16th St.)../contact/c-1.html

TEL: 415.441.8680

i n f o @ a r t z o n e 4 6 1 . c o m mailto:info@artzone461.com?subject=Website%20Inquiry

Wed. - Sun. 12-6

Occasional evenings

or by appointment

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Kickstarter has approved and accepted our Project !!!

Dear friends of ArtZone,

Greetings and best regards from Steven Lopez and Eric Koehler, partners and owners of ArtZone 461 Gallery. We’re at 461 Valencia St. between 15th and 16th Streets and moved into our space in April 2008. 

ArtZone 461 offers a 21st Century experience based in traditional Gallery and Museum settings.  We exhibit primarily local SF and Bay Area Artists. Our unique Mission promotes art as experience, one that bridges a purchase choice between a possession and an experience.  In 6 years we have put on more than 75 exhibitions to over 40,000 visitors. We’ve assisted in supporting up to 20 gallery artists through sales of their works and provided a venue to over 100 guest artists in group shows and competitions.  We reach and ship to a worldwide audience.

We’re reaching out to family, friends, clients and neighbor merchants and SF businesses seeking support for the Visual Arts in the Mission, specifically our Gallery operation and the artists we support. We are launching our first ever Kickstarter project:  Kickstarter is a crowd-based private fundraising platform where people seeking funding must complete an arts-related project in order to receive full funding from donors. Projects are all or nothing ventures and run a relatively short time.

We could not have anticipated the 2008 worldwide economic crash and its fallout would affect the Arts for so long.  Without a successful Kickstarter project the gallery cannot continue its mission and our current show will be our last.  This is why ArtZone and our artists need your support for the Arts, now.  Please visit our website for details, artzone461.com and check out our Project and Rewards on kickstarter.com.  Our Project will be live by April 5th, remember 4/5/14.

ArtZone 461 Gallery is an alternative to the ‘white cube’ and visitors have told us we’ve been an inspiration; that we have changed lives; motivated and made a difference.  We know we offer a unique experience and in addition, quality art.  This is why we show local art and why we need your support. We enrich the cultural arena of the city and the neighborhood.  We are professional, knowledgeable and a friendly operation deserving your attention.  Participate by purchasing our artists’ works now or by donating to our project

Our Kickstarter project is to self-publish a high quality hardbound book of artists’ works exhibited in our gallery since opening in 2008. The target book price is $100.  Additionally, there are several Donor levels with exciting rewards. Please spread the word among your friends and family, perhaps other business owners you know and urge them to financially support ArtZone 461 Gallery at a comfortable level and maybe even consider a small sacrifice.  Moving forward, we plan to continue selling books to assist in sustaining our operations.

We offer book sponsorships from individuals and institutions starting at $250 and up to $5,000.    These donors are listed in the printed book as a sponsor along with other commensurate rewards.  Donors of $1,000 (and above) receive a limited edition print created for this project, valued at $500.  Every donor of only $10.00 or more receives a thank you reward.  They include writing instruments, food, apparel, mugs and coffee to drink in them too.  ArtZone will provide the most useful and fun rewards that express our sincere gratitude.

Please support a gallery that offers the highest levels of quality artworks, a professional, knowledgeable and friendly staff.  We will post more information regarding pledge levels and rewards on our website:  Look for our project live on kickstarter.com and you may also look for the “KickStarter” button/link on our website.  Pledge now, pledge often and please encourage your family and friends to pledge.  Thank you. 

Pledge now, pledge often... with sincere gratitude

Steven Lopez   and  Eric Koehler

KICKSTARTER PROJECThttps://www.kickstarter.com/projects/748971975/savor-artzone461-gallerys-unique-mission-art-as-ex?ref=live

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About ArtZone 461 Gallery:

Since opening its doors in 2008 on the Valencia Corridor, ArtZone 461 has become an art destination in the San Francisco Mission District presenting over 75 exhibitions and with over 40,000 visitors and counting. We are two galleries in one:  the main space has a 14 foot ceiling, a 100 foot long brick wall across from concrete walls with an art library and reading areas.  We are a gallery and a resource and information center.  The front and rear have large windows providing natural light. The smaller side space is akin to a white walls space. Please help us fund the next cycle of exhibitions. Thanks in advance!

Make your pledge to commit to our KickStarter Project today!
<<  click any of the following Art Patron levels  >>https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/748971975/savor-artzone461-gallerys-unique-mission-art-as-ex?ref=live

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