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Wed. - Sun. 12-6

Occasional evenings

Anytime by appointment

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San Francisco Area Event Picks for March 6 – 12, 2014 | Madeinslant.com | by Eyeswoon  |  March 6, 2014

Saturday, March 8 Event: “Working Together” by Art Hazelwood & William Wolff, Opening Reception ....                     read more  >http://www.madeinslant.com/2014/03/san-francisco-area-event-picks-for-march-6-to-march-12-2014/

San Francisco Area Event Picks for Jan. 30 – Feb. 5, 2014 | Madeinslant.com | by Eyeswoon  |  Jan 31, 2014

Saturday, Feb. 1 Event: “Gordon Cook: Prime Printmaker & Poetic Painter” Opening Reception ....                     read more  >http://www.madeinslant.com/2014/01/san-francisco-area-event-picks-for-january-30-to-february-5-2014/

San Francisco Area Event Picks for Nov. 21 – 27, 2013 | Madeinslant.com | by Eyeswoon  |  Nov. 23, 2013

Saturday, Nov. 25 Event: ”The Insistence Of Color” by Sonja Navin, Opening Reception ....                     read more  >http://www.madeinslant.com/2013/11/san-francisco-area-event-picks-for-november-21-to-november-27-2013/

San Francisco Area Event Picks for Oct. 24 – 30, 2013 | Madeinslant.com | by Eyeswoon  |  Oct. 24, 2013

Saturday, Oct. 26 Event: Vintage Photos & Works on Paper by Harry Clinton Bowden, Opening Reception....                     read more  >http://www.madeinslant.com/2013/10/san-francisco-area-event-picks-for-october-24-to-october-30-2013/

San Francisco Area Event Picks for Sep. 5 – 11, 2013 | Madeinslant.com | by Eyeswoon  |  Sep. 5, 2013

Saturday, Sep. 7 Event: “Paths Of Glorious Color” paintings by Nicholas Coley, Opening Reception....                     read more  >http://www.madeinslant.com/2013/09/part-2-san-francisco-area-event-picks-for-september-5-to-september-11-2013/

San Francisco Area Event Picks for July 25 – 31, 2013 | Madeinslant.com | by Eyeswoon  |  July 25, 2013

Saturday, July 27 Event: “Works on paper” by William Wolff and Jose Ramon Lerma, Opening Reception....                     read more  >http://www.madeinslant.com/2013/07/san-francisco-area-event-picks-for-july-25-to-july-31-2013/

San Francisco Area Event Picks for June 20 – 26, 2013 | Madeinslant.com | by Eyeswoon  |  June 20, 2013

Saturday, June 22 Event: “Parallel Universes” abstract works by Miranda Putman and Randy Beckelheimer & (side gallery) Realist Works by Gallery Artists and others, Opening Reception....           read more  >http://www.madeinslant.com/2013/06/san-francisco-area-event-picks-for-june-20-to-june-26-2013/

San Francisco Area Event Picks for May 9 – 16, 2013 | Madeinslant.com | by Eyeswoon  |  May 9, 2013

Saturday, May 11 Event: New Paintings by Eileen Starr Moderbacher & New Paintings by Jeong Im Yi, Opening Reception....     read more  >http://www.madeinslant.com/2013/05/san-francisco-area-event-picks-for-may-9-to-may-15-2013/

San Francisco Area Event Picks for Feb. 21 – 27, 2013 | Madeinslant.com | by Eyeswoon  |  Feb. 23, 2013

Saturday, Feb. 25 Event: Recent paintings by E. Dale Erickson, Opening Reception....     read more  >http://www.madeinslant.com/2013/02/san-francisco-area-event-picks-for-february-21-february-27-2013/

San Francisco Area Event Picks for Jan. 17 – 23, 2013 | Madeinslant.com | by Eyeswoon  |  Jan. 17, 2013

Saturday, Jan. 19 Event:  “Life, With Adjustment” paintings by Stan Washburn, Opening Reception....     read more  >http://www.madeinslant.com/2013/01/san-francisco-area-event-picks-for-january-17-january-23-2013/

Jon McNeal and Heidi McDowell at ArtZone 461 | The Photographic: Dickerman Prints Blog  |  Oct. 1, 2012

“Territories” is an interesting expression of West Coast grandeur, as seen by both artists. Owing to my East Coast upbringing, the imagery of Jon and Heidi’s limitless orchards and brooding seas, feels like the kind of big nature you can only find on the very brink of the Pacific..   read more  >http://www.dickermanprints.com/blog/jon-mcneal-and-heidi-mcdowell-at-artzone461/

ArtZone 461 Gallery: Heidi McDowell and Jon McNeal - Territories | ArtBusiness.com | Alan Bamberger | Sep. 8, 2012

Paintings by Heidi McDowell and photographs by her husband Jon McNeal capture the grandeur of land and sea (with occasional related digressions)..   read more  >http://www.artbusiness.com/1open/090812a.html

San Francisco Area Event Picks for Oct. 25 – 31, 2012 | Madeinslant.com | by Eyeswoon  |  Oct. 25, 2012

Saturday, October 27 Event: “Randy Beckelheimer: Black & White” New & Recent Paintings, Opening Reception ....                     read more  >http://www.madeinslant.com/2012/10/san-francisco-area-event-picks-for-october-25-october-31-2012/

San Francisco Area Event Picks for Sep. 6 – 12, 2012 | Madeinslant.com | by Eyeswoon  | Sep. 6, 2012

Saturday, Sep. 8 Event: “Territories: New & Recent Paintings and Photographs” by Heidi McDowell & Jon McNeal, Opening Reception 
.... read more  >http://www.madeinslant.com/2012/09/san-francisco-area-event-picks-for-september-6-september-12-2012/

ArtZone 461 Gallery: Working Together - Art Hazelwood & William Wolff (1922-2004) | ArtBusiness.com | RWM | Mar. 8, 2014

Great work about the monsters and dogs of war. Here are some creatures that do not spend a lot of time in the City by the Bay. The political activist works comment about certain states of affairs. Startling pieces will have some people up in arms...   read more  >http://www.artbusiness.com/1open/030814.html

ArtZone 461 Gallery: Lucky Rapp - C'est Moi Chérie; Sonja Navin - The Insistance of Color | ArtBusiness.com | Alan Bamberger | Nov. 23, 2013

In the main gallery, Lucky Rapp shows her glistening, often intimate resin-coated textual works, while in the side gallery, Sonja Navin's paintings transit a variety of topics from figural works to cityscapes....   read more  >http://www.artbusiness.com/1open/112313.html

ArtZone 461 Gallery: Architecture & Interiors from Gallery & Guest Artists; Harry Clinton Bowden (1907 - 1965) | ArtBusiness.com | Alan Bamberger |

Oct. 26, 2013

In the side gallery is a show of art and ephemera from the archives of Harry Clinton Bowen comprising photography, show announcements, reviews, original art and more. In the front gallery is a group show of architectural interiors and exteriors.....   read more  >http://www.artbusiness.com/1open/102613.html

ArtZone 461 Gallery: Nicholas Coley - Paths of Glorious Color. | ArtBusiness.com | Kimberly Almazan | Sep. 7, 2013

Nicholas Coley will tell you that he is often compared to the Impressionists and the Society of Six. While he does not necessarily refute these comparisons, he instead prefers to keep his head down and work.
A careful look at his work reveals technique characteristic of the Impressionists-- thick, short, textured brushstrokes...   read more  >http://www.artbusiness.com/1open/090713a.html

ArtZone 461 Gallery: Parallel Universes - Miranda Putman and Randy Beckelheimer | ArtBusiness.com | RWM | June 22, 2013

There is something about abstract painting that can be monumental and spectacular. The artwork here fits that bill. Though not on the big white walls of a museum, the assembled artwork can be shocking and unnerving. Great to see a whole painting filled with one color. Nice to see chaos, though slightly monochromatic, on the wall.....   read more  >http://www.artbusiness.com/1open/062213.html

ArtZone 461 Gallery: Around Us - Jeong Im Yi; Panta rhei, everything flows - Eileen Starr Moderbacher | ArtBusiness.com | RWM | May 11, 2013

Interesting still lifes from Jeong Im Yi whose realistic work also serves as presentations of symbols and maybe archetypes. Impressive representations and great outdoor stuff. Nice to see the wildness.
Eileen Starr Moderbacher has great color scapes with symbols and maybe archetypes as well. Soothing colors and interesting movement. Nice blend of abstraction and color play.....   read more  >http://www.artbusiness.com/1open/102613.html

ArtZone 461 Gallery: José Ramón Lerma, Bay Area Artist - A Sixty Year Retrospective and Selections from His Collection | ArtBusiness.com | Mark Gould | April 13, 2013

The 60-year retrospective at ArtZone 461 honors José Ramón Lerma for his significant contribution to the Bay Area and West Coast Abstract Art movements, and Beat Art in San Francisco... This is a brilliant collection of works by a fiercely independent artist (and a number of friends) who rebelled against commercialism and the commoditization of art. Definitely worth seeing.....   read more  >http://www.artbusiness.com/1open/041313.html

ArtZone 461 Gallery: Dale Erickson Recent Paintings; Small Works by Gallery and Guest Artists | ArtBusiness.com | RWM | Feb. 23, 2013

Interesting landscapes and waterscapes by E. Dale Erickson. The style is familiar, but not quite identifiable. The land beckons despite elements of what pass for drawing. Some pictures seem still, but the water shimmers and shows the wondrous colors of the receding sunlight. Great pictures of water and the seas. Captured is the telling of encounters with the wild which are depicted in a timeless and welcoming ways......   read more  >http://www.artbusiness.com/1open/022313.html

ArtZone 461 Gallery: Life, With Adjustments - Stan Washburn; Real, Relevant - James Edmonds. | ArtBusiness.com | RWM | Feb. 23, 2013

Great show from Stan the man. Nice exploration of the emotional experience of connecting with and creating art. One can get lost in the wild or in the museum with the artistic process here......   read more  >http://www.artbusiness.com/1open/011913.html

ArtZone 461 Gallery: Black & White - Randy Beckelheimer. | ArtBusiness.com | Alan Bamberger | Oct. 27, 2012

Ghostly black and white paintings by Randy Beckelheimer based on vintage black & white photographs, mainly of military subject matters circa World War II, some of Hunters Point shipyard back in the day, remind us that art is far more elevating and uplifting than heavy weaponry.......   read more  >http://www.artbusiness.com/1open/102712.html

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