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Charlie Milgrim is a New York City native who currently lives and works in the Bay Area. She received her MFA from UC Berkeley in 1993.


Major Exhibitions include: Haines Gallery in San Francisco 1993; OK Harris, New York City 1996; The Oakland Museum 1999; Richmond Art Center 1999; Gallery 16, San Francisco 1997 and 1999; Pro Arts, Oakland 2008; Mercury 20, Oakland, 2008 and 2009.


Her studio is located in West Berkeley.

Charlie Milgrim

Planet of Kept Secrets,

double pitchfork, lawn mower, four yellow/green bowling balls,

8 'x 2' x 3',  $4,000

January 9  -  February 7, 2010




Hanna Regev

& Steven Lopez

“Although I never consciously set out on my artistic journey to emulate Duchamp, I see now after 30 years, the impact he’s had on my art work is huge.  Like Duchamp, I often choose odd discarded objects that fascinate me due to their suggestive qualities. I alter the way they are viewed by changing their purpose from something functional to symbolic form. I then recombine them in precarious situations with other objects, then, further alter the perception of these objects by attaching enigmatic titles to them. 

Duchamp’s works that have most influenced me are the Readymade, In Advance of the Broken Arm and the Assisted Readymade, With Hidden Noise.  When one of my sculptures makes me laugh-I know it’s working. And, I can tell that Duchamp, by the glints I’ve seen in his (photographed) eye, must have often been amused by his own work.”     Charlie Milgrim

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