ArtZone 461 Gallery is pleased to be the San Francisco venue from January 9 through February 7, 2010 for the traveling exhibition “The Seduction of Duchamp / Bay Area Artists’ Response.”  Independent curator Hanna Regev organized the show by inviting over thirty local artists to create new works representing their response to the influence and importance of Marcel Duchamp (1887–1968).  He was the founder of Dadaism and closely associated with futurist and surrealist movements.  The exhibition features a wide variety of art practices and media.

Fitting Duchampian theory and approach, ArtZone Director Steven Lopez will assist in curating this exhibition.  It was first presented at the Slaughterhouse Space – an alternative art venue on the grounds of the Duchamp Winery in Healdsburg, CA.  The show draws its inspiration from the historic 1949 West Coast Roundtable Discussion at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art.  Duchamp was the main speaker and was joined by prominent invited guests for a discussion on Modern Art.


One example is Naomie Kremer’s 2009 piece “Nude Descending Rhythm Section.”  It transforms one of her older abstract painting into a new media hybrid that merges video animation superimposed on her original 2001 painting. 

Architects Zoe Ogrydziak & Luke Prillinger, whom apply algorithms and C++ to model the curves of their PolyJet Resin sculptures, realize another innovative approach.

List of artists include: 

Diane Rosenblum Althoff, Michael Bartalos, Tessie Barrera-Scharaga, Ray Beldner, Richard Berger, Milton Bowens, David Broom, Luis Delgado, John DeMerritt, Laura Greig, Ken Goldberg, Rebecca Goldfarb, Charles Hobson, Mary Daniel Hobson, Reuven Itelman, Zehava Itelman Theodora Varnay Jones, David King, Naomie Kremer, Pat Lenz, José Ramón Lerma, Bernie Lubell, Malcolm Lubliner, Charlie Milgrim, Jann Nunn,  Sandra Ortiz Taylor, Luke Ogrydziak, Zoë Prillinger, Nora Pauwels, Charles Shere, and Jan Wurm. ArtZone artists’ Gary Brewer, Adam Cahoon, Susan Danis,  Brian Tepper and Terry Thompson have also contributed works for this exhibition.


ArtZone will host two programs associated with the exhibition: Architects Zoë Prillinger and Luke Ogrydziak will discuss on Tuesday, January 19 at 6:30 pm, the implications of algorithmic design and probability as an Art form.  The discussion will be moderated by architect Jeffrey Krauss and with questions from architect Theo Armour, who worked as a program manager for many releases of the leading design software AutoCad.

The second panel discussion: Unraveling the Duchamp Enigma will feature artists Richard Berger, Bernie Lubell, Naomie Kremer and Jan Wurm on Sunday, January 31 at 3:00 pm.  The Artists will discuss how Marcel Duchamp’s interests, preoccupations, styles and media has influenced their art practices. Moderated by Jeff Kelley.


The Seduction of Duchamp is an invitation to open a dialogue about his legacy and numerous contributions and revisit questions he raised that are still relevant today:

What makes something art?

How can a found object be called a work of art?

Is it something inherent to the object?

Is it when an artist declares it as art?

Is art defined by an object’s placement in a collection or institution, like a gallery or museum?

Duchamp, said:

“the creative act is not performed by the artists alone; the spectator brings the work in contact with the eternal world by deciphering and interpreting its inner qualifications and thus adds his contribution to the creative act.”

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Zoë Prillinger & Luke Ogrydziak, Time Out/Temps

Mort, PolyJet Resin, C++, 7”  x 7” x 7”

January 9  -  February 14, 2010

José Ramón Lerma, The Missing Moustache, 2002, collage, 13 1/2” x 9”

Theodora Varney Jones, No Game, 1998, I beam,

chess board, unfired ceramics, 12 1/2”  x 16”  x 16”

Naomie Kremer, Nude Descending Rhythm Section,

2001-09, oil on canvas with video projection, 84” x 60”

Ray  Beldner,  Je Me Degoute de L’Egouttoir, 2009, mild steel, 72" x 42" diameter


Opening Reception

SAT. JAN, 9,  2010,  5-8 pm


Probabilistic Art Form:
Algorithmic Design

Moderated by:
Jeffrey Krauss

 with Architects:
Zoë Prillinger 
& Luke Ogrydziak

One Night only:
Tuesday, Jan. 19 
6:30 pm100119-panel-1.html
Unraveling the 
Duchamp Enigma: 
A Conversation

Moderated by:
Jeff Kelley

with Artists:
Richard Berger, 
Bernie Lubell,
Naomie Kremer ,
& Jan Wurm

One Day only:
Sunday, Jan. 31
3:00 pm100131-panel-2.html
Curated by: Hanna Regev & Steven Lopez../1001-duchamp/the-seduction-of.html



Diane Rosenblum Althoff

Tessie Barrera-Scharaga

Michael Bartalos

Ray Beldner

Richard Berger

Milton Bowens

Gary Brewer

David Broom

Adam Cahoon

Susan Danis

Luis Delgado

John DeMerritt

Laura Greig

Ken Goldberg

Rebecca Goldfarb

Charles Hobson

Mary Daniel Hobson

Reuven Itelman

Zehava Itelman

Theodora Varnay Jones

David King

Naomie Kremer

Pat Lenz

José Ramón Lerma

Bernie Lubell

Malcolm Lubliner

Charlie Milgrim

Jann Nunn

Sandra Ortiz Taylor

Luke Ogrydziak

Zoë Prillinger

Nora Pauwels

Charles Shere

Brian Tepper

Terry Thompson

Jan Wurm

and Jacques Villon

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See online EXHIBIT > ../1001-duchamp/althoff-diane-01.html
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Hanna Regev is an independent curator who works with cultural organizations and art galleries in the Bay Area.  She produces cultural public programs and develops adult public programs in history, art, and museum practice.  Ms. Regev has a M.A. in Museum Studies and a M.A. in Modern European History from San Francisco State University.  She was president of the Northern California Council of the National Museum of Women in the Arts (1998-2004) and served on the board of the California Historical Society.

ArtZone 461 Gallery was established in 2008 in the Valencia Street Corridor, an area recognized by San Francisco’s Art Critic Kenneth Baker for the migration of galleries with “the desire to broaden the audience for challenging contemporary art”. Gallery Director Steven Lopez explains: “our mission focuses on Art as Experience, Art as more than a two or three-dimensional object.  The Gallery recognizes the intangible invitation to a reality Experience: Living with original Art and nurturing a relationship with it.  Our primary purpose is to display art; our second priority is being an art resource & information center.”  In the last 18 months, ArtZone 461 Gallery has presented 24 Exhibitions to an audience of over 10,000 visitors.


The Seduction of Duchamp: Bay Area Artists’ Response, is an exhibition of 34 artists who embarked on a creative journey to answer Marcel Duchamp’s most influential question, “What makes something art?” 

Organized by independent curator Hanna Regev in 2008, she curated the 2009 exhibition installation at the SlaughterhouseSpace, an alternative art venue in Healdsburg, CA.  The exhibition is now at ArtZone 461 Gallery in San Francisco, CA, and curated by ArtZone Director Steven Lopez.  Previously, he was the Director and owner of the historic Charles Campbell Gallery. 

The exhibition has attracted over 800 visitors and significant media exposure in its first two weeks.  The opening night’s reception was the subject of a 30 minute KMVT episode of PRESENT! with Mel Van Dusen (now available on YouTube) as well as coverage in Leah Garchick’s San Francisco Chronicle column. 

Due to popular demand the exhibition has been extended until Sunday, February 14th, 2010.