Zoë Prillinger & Luke Ogrydziak, 2009

Time Out/Temps Mort, computer rendering

Please join us at ArtZone 461 Gallery, 461 Valencia St. SF, CA on Tuesday January 19th 2010 at 6:30 pm for the first Panel Discussion associated with our current exhibition, The Seduction of Duchamp.  Architects Zoe Prillinger & Luke Ogrydziak will discuss the creation of their piece in the show, Time-Out. The panel will address how the architects’ piece, created for the exhibition, relates to Marcel Duchamp and the implications of algorithmic design and probability as an new Art form.

Time-Out is a sculpture about 7 square inches made of poly-jet resin.  It was created with the help of software programming language C++ and following principles of randomness.  The Artists explain:  “A space-filling machine releases incipient curves into a closed space.  Endowed with velocity and an erratic sense of direction, the curves wander freely, indifferent and indeterminate, constrained only by the law of non-self-intersection.  Eventually, the curves exhaust their geometric potential and the computational limit of their maker”.  The inclusion of Time-out in the exhibition opens new possibilities and scale for the use of architectural principles in contemporary Art.

The artists will also answer questions related to their practice as partners in Ogrydziak/Prillinger Architects (OPA).  Architect and entrepreneur Jeffrey Krauss will moderate the discussion that includes questions submitted by Theo Armour.  Mr. Armour worked as a program manager for many releases of the leading design software AutoCad.  He will joins us via phone from NY city.  The panel discussion is endorsed by AIA San Francisco, a Chapter of the American Institute of Architects.



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Zoë Prillinger & Luke Ogrydziak, 2009

Time Out/Temps Mort, PolyJet Resin, C++,

7”  x 7” x 7”

Tue.  January 19 2010, 6:30 pm


Unraveling the 
Duchamp Enigma: 
A Conversation

Moderated by:
Jeff Kelley

with Artists:
Richard Berger, 
Bernie Lubell,
Naomie Kremer,
& Jan Wurm

One Day only:
Sunday, Jan. 31
3:00 pm100131-panel-2.html

Moderated by: Jeffrey Krauss

Answering questions from: Theo Armour

With Architects & Artists: Zoë Prillinger & Luke Ogrydziak


Zoë Prillinger & Luke Ogrydziak

Theo Armour was born in Boston MA and grew up in Paris and the United States. Theo currently lives in between San Francisco and Paris. He is an architect educated at the Architectural Association School of Architecture in London. He practiced architecture in London and Hong Kong before becoming a computer-aided design consultant at CAD-Asia.  In the 1990’s he was Program Manager at Autodesk for AutoCAD Releases 13, 14 and the beginning of Release 2000. From June 2001 to June 2008 he was a member of the Board of Advisers of the Peggy Guggenheim Collection in Venice.  His current endeavors include investigating and developing new collaborative and error-checking tools for Computer Aided Design systems.

AIA San Francisco (the third largest of the American Institute of Architects's 300 chapters) represents more than 2,300 members in San Francisco and Marin County. Their mission is to improve the quality of life in the Bay Area by promoting architecture and design. Each month AIA San Francisco offers professional development and networking opportunities as well as public forums, tours, lectures, and gallery exhibitions that provide architects and design enthusiasts with many opportunities to explore the local built environment


Zoë Prillinger & Luke Ogrydziak are currently Friedman Visiting Professors at the University of California, Berkeley. Both pattended Princeton University.  In 2000 they established Ogrydziak/Prillinger Architects, a San Francisco-based design studio, focusing on progressive design that specializes in the inclusion of new media and digital technologies in architecture. OPA has been globally recognized for work that is distinctive for its conceptual clarity and strong visual presence.  Their CV is available at http://www.oparch.net/firm/OP_cv.pdf

Jeffrey Krause is an architect and entrepreneur founder of Blacksquare, a digital media consulting firm in SF, and the founder and Chief Architect of IMO Entertainment, a venture funded company revolutionizing media and advertisement consumption through social networks. He received his MS degree in Design and Computation from MIT, and has a Bachelor of Architecture from USC.  Jeffrey has pioneered work on the internet since 1994 and is a leading expert in bridging the technical and design worlds. His writings have been published in books, journals, and international magazines.  Jeffrey is an active member of the International Academy of Digital Arts and Sciences.  Jeffrey’s CV is available at http://arch.blacksquare.com/bio.asp

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