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GALLERY GUIDEhttp://www.sfbayareagalleryguide.com/
GALLERY MAPhttp://missionlocal.org/2010/07/art-galleries-map/
JANUARY 4-29, 2011
Ryan Michael Reynolds & Terry Thompson were in a two person show titled Everything is Electrified at b. sakata garo gallery in Sacramento, CA.  Congratulations!http://www.bsakatagaro.com/exhibitions.html
JAN. 8 - MAR. 6, 2011
Two of Gage Opdenbrouw’s painitngs were at the group show Northern California Light,  Paintings from the California Art Club, at the Thomas Reynolds Gallery http://www.californiaartclub.org/exhibitions/chapter-exhibitions/northern-california-light/
MAY 2011
See ArtZone 461 Director Steven Lopez conversation with 10 Percent’s host David Perry about the Gallery and the upcoming SF Fine Art Fair at Fort Mason.http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IjJYhHHb3WU
JAN. 24 - MAR. 18,  2011
ArtZone 461 Gallery has been nominated to compete in  2011 SF BayList Contest. Please make us number one by voting at baylist.cityvoter.comhttp://baylist.cityvoter.com/artzone-461-gallery/biz/177265
FEB. 19 - JUL. 31, 2011
Eileen Moderbacher is participating with 28,838 artists from 94 countries in The Sketchbook Project,  an art tour with stops at Brooklyn, Austin, Portland, Atlanta, Washington, San Francisco, Seattle & Chicago. http://www.arthousecoop.com/projects/sketchbookproject
MARCH 28, 2011
ArtZone 461 was chosen 4th BEST GALLERY in the  San Francisco Bay List contest. 3rd in SF !!! Thanks to everyone who voted for us!!!http://baylist.cityvoter.com/artzone-461-gallery/biz/177265
APRIL 06, 2011
José Ramón Lerma’s retrospective at the Art and Cultural Craft Gallery was reviewed by DeWitt Cheng for the East Bay Express. http://www.eastbayexpress.com/gyrobase/a-modernist-proposal-at-craft-and-cultural-arts-gallery/Content?oid=2561558
MARCH 23, 2011
ArtZone hosted Art for Healing’s 30th Anniversary Exhibition and Fundraising Sale. It was an evening with live music, food and refreshments from local restaurants.   See Photos here>http://www.facebook.com/album.php?fbid=10150119226570248&id=49850185247&aid=283694
MARCH, 2011
Jeong Im Yi was in a three people show titled Marking Time at Liquid SPACES gallery in San Francisco. http://liquidspaces.wordpress.com/2011/02/22/marking-time-work-by-bernadette-jiyong-frank-angela-willets-jeyong-im-yi/
MARCH 6 - MAY 7, 2011
Four paintings by Randy Beckelheimer are on view in San Francisco Shipyard Views exhibition at the lobby 50 California Street Bldg.  http://shorenstein.com/portfolio/investments/property?id=499#prop_descr
FEB. 26 - MAR. 7, 2011
Eileen Starr Moderbacher is participating in the group show Where the Heart is,  at the Brooklyn Artists Gym in Brooklyn, New York. http://www.brooklynartistsgym.com/brooklyn-art-events/gowanus-gallery-shows/
FEB. 19 - MAR. 20, 2011
Eileen Moderbacher’s new painting is on view at the 100th Anniversary Exhibition of International Women's Day at the 2nd City Council Art Gallery in Long Beach, CA. http://www.arthousecoop.com/projects/sketchbookproject
MAR. 17 -  APR., 2011
A retrospective of José Ramón Lerma’s 60+ years artist career opened at the Oakland City Center at the State Building 1515 Clay St. (Downtown) Oakland, CA.http://www.buildings.dgs.ca.gov/ElihuMHarrisbuilding/default.htm
APRIL 16-17, 2011
Heidi McDowell’s studio will be open for visitors of the Mission-Wide Spring Open Studios. Admission is free.http://www.missionartistsunited.org/
APRIL 21, 2011
José Ramón Lerma gave a talk about his 60+ years artist career at the Art and Cultural Craft Gallery, Oakland City Center at the State Building.http://www.buildings.dgs.ca.gov/ElihuMHarrisbuilding/default.htm
APR. 29 - JUN. 17, 2011
Susan Danis is in a share exhibit with Livia Stein.  Love & Pleasure at art works downtown gallery in San Rafael.  Danis’ iconic artwork Bed is on view!http://artworksdowntown.org/1337-gallery-upcoming-exhibits/love-pleasure
MAY 19-22, 2011
ArtZone 461 had presence in the 2011 SF Fine Art Fair thanks to our community partnership with Art For Healing.  We curated and staffed AfH booth. Thanks to Art Hamptons for donating the Booth at SFFAF.  An AfH’s Tribute Reception was held the evening of Friday May 20.../exhibitions/1105-sffaf-afh-duchamp-p.html
MAY 19-22, 2011
ArtZone 461 in association with Hanna Regev presented  The Seduction of Duchamp at the 2011 SF Fine Art Fair.  The Installation had works by eight of the original artists and presented the work of David Middlebrook.  A Breath of Fresh Air,  created especially for the SFFAF, was unveiled to a full house on opening night May 19.../exhibitions/1105-sffaf-afh-duchamp-p.html

APRIL 24-30, 2011

Nicholas Coley’s painting Sectional View from Bernal Heights was featured in the  San Francisco Chronicle’s Sunday Datebook.

MAY 15 - 29, 2011
Eileen Starr Moderbacher  is part of the group show   Sweeth Tooth: A Feast of Visual Art at The Happening Gallery  in Marina del Rey, CA. http://www.thehappeninggallery.com/Home.html
MAY 2011
Eileen Starr Moderbacher’s  Cacti paintings are part of the 2010-11 Berkeley Civic Center Art Exhibition in collaboration with  Berkeley Art Center and Kala Art Institute.http://www.ci.berkeley.ca.us/PressReleaseMain.aspx?id=69174
MAY 05, 2011
Susan Danis’s shared exhibit Love and Pleasure  a “yin-yang of artful unpredictability” was reviewed by Kylie Mendonca for Bohemian.com http://www.bohemian.com/bohemian/05.25.11/arts-1121.html
MAY 2011
Samsung hosted a Developer Party at Google I/O in San Francisco’s premier Art Gallery ArtZone 461 on Valencia Street. Listen to a list of developers and their impression of the new Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 before it’s official launch!http://youtu.be/zlUswibDRIA

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JANE FISHERhttp://www.janefisher.net/
KEITH GASPARIhttp://www.keithgaspari.com
HEIDI MCDOWELLhttp://www.heidimatic.com/
EILEEN  MODERBACHERhttp://www.artisteileen.com/
GAGE OPDENBROUWhttp://www.engageingart.com/
RYAN M. REYNOLDShttp://reynoldsryan.com/
ADAM CAHOONhttp://www.adamartbio.com/
NICHOLAS COLEYhttp://www.nickcoley.com/



RANDY BECKELHEIMERhttp://www.randybeckelheimer.com
SUSAN DANIShttp://www.susandanis.com/
BECKY ROBBINShttp://www.wverythingbecky.com/
LINDA RAYNSFORDhttp://lindaraynsford.com/
BRIAN TEPPERhttp://briantepper.com/index.php
JEONG IM YIhttp://www.jeongimfineart.com
STAN WASHBURNhttp://www.stanwashburn.com

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TERRY THOMPSONhttp://www.terrythompsonart.com/
MAY 19-22, 2011
ArtZone 461 in association with Hanna Regev presented  Judy Shintani’s Deconstructed Kimono part of SFFAF LIVE at the SF Fine Art Fair.  ../exhibitions/1105-sffaf-afh-duchamp-p.html

MAY 31 - AUG. 6, 2011

For the first time twelve  of Randy Beckelheimer’s large paintings are together for public view at the Bank of America Bldg. lobby!

JUNE 4, 2011
Jhina Alvarado was a guest speaker at the 5th Annual Encaustic Conference in Provincetown, MA. She spoke about making the transition to a full-time artist.http://encausticconference.blogspot.com/
JUNE 25- DECEMBER 11, 2011
José Ramón Lerma’s Mickey Mouse artworks are featured in Pop'd From the Panel, an exhibition with such artists as Andy Warhol and Roy Lichtenstein at the Charles M. Schulz Museum in Santa Rosa.http://www.schulzmuseum.org/
JUNE 28 - JULY 16, 2011
Eileen Starr Moderbacher artwork is at the 22nd Juried Exhibition Viridian Artists, NY juried by Elisabeth Sussman curator of the  Whitney Museum of American Art.http://www.viridianartists.com/index.php/fa/c.pr/exhibit_id/142
JUNE 17, 2011
Susan Danis share exhibit with Livia Stein Love & Pleasure at art works downtown gallery in San Rafael was reviewed Diana Lynn  in her website Art Tours.http://www.dianalynnarttours.com/DLAT/Art_du_jour/Entries/2011/6/17_Susan_Danis_%26_Livia_Stein.html
JULY 2011
Chris Brown’s painting Swimmer a 1972 oil on canvas, (65” x 80”) was chosen as the July cover of the Nob Hill Gazette.   http://www.nobhillgazette.com/
Check the original painting here >../1009-aqua/brown-chris-i08.html
JUL. 7 - SEP. 4, 2011
Invitational and National juried exhibit Outlandish: Contemporary Depictions of Nature at the Bedford Gallery in Walnut Creek features works by  Gary Brewer and  Ryan Reynolds.http://www.bedfordgallery.org/exhibitions/docs/Outlandish_PR.pdf
SEP. 2 - OCT. 15, 2011
Susan Danis’ is in the group show RECLAMATION: New Trends in Bay Area Collage & Assemblage at the Studio Quercus in Oakland.    http://www.studioquercus.com/
SEP. - OCT. 2011
Heidi McDowell’s  exhibition at ArtZone 461: ROAD TRIP was reviewed by Art Critic DeWitt Cheng for art ltd. magazine. http://www.artltdmag.com/index.php?subaction=showfull&id=1315333874&archive=&start_from=&ucat=32
SEPTEMBER 23, 2011
Ryan M. Reynolds  donated artwork to the 15th Art For Aids Auction held at  SF Design Center. http://artforaids.org/
OCT. 01 - DEC. 31, 2011
Curated by artist Gary Brewer, Age of Wonder group exhibition is on view at Turtle Bay Exploration Park Museum in Redding, CA. http://turtlebay.org/exhibition/ageofwonder

SEP. 29, 2011

Adam Cahoon’s exhibition at ArtZone 461: Portraits of an Absurd Nature was named the Top Pick in the Arts section of  The Examiner.

JUL 11. - SEP. 30, 2011
ArtZone 461 curated an exhibition Nicholas Coley’s  paintings at: CONTRABAND Coffee Bar located at Larkin and California St. http://www.facebook.com/pages/Contraband-Coffee-Bar/122212157814154
OCT. 01 - DEC. 30, 2011
ArtZone 461 curated an exhibition Stan Washburn’s  paintings at: CONTRABAND Coffee Bar located at Larkin and California St. http://www.facebook.com/pages/Contraband-Coffee-Bar/122212157814154
NOVEMBER 20, 2011
Gage Opdenbrouw’s Momentum Mori, was in the Silent Auction The Humble Show at The Safehouse Atelier  at 80 Langton St. http://www.thesafehousestudios.com/showthree/showthree.html
Ryan M. Reynolds’ painting Cement Plant was chosen as the cover of the winter 2012 issue of the Cimarron Review.http://cimarronreview.okstate.edu/new_current_issue.html
Ryan M. Reynolds’ Alma Submerged paintings were reviewed and featured online in Ink Well Magazine. Vol. 5.http://www.inkwellmag.com/post/13546761414/vol-5-ryan-reynolds-alma-submerged
DEC. 3, 2011 - FEB. 5, 2012
Ryan M. Reynolds’ paintings were in the Santa Clara University Art Faculty exhibition at the  Triton Museum of Art.http://tritonmuseum.org/exhibitions_SCU.php
DEC. 8, 2011 - MAR. 4, 2012
Ryan M. Reynolds’ paintings were in a two-person exhibition titled Shifting Landscapes at the  Bakersfield Museum of Art.http://bmoa.org/shiftinglandscapes/