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SEP. 17 - NOV. 22, 2009
Gage Opdenbrouw’s 
painting Companeros selected for the Bakersfield Museum of Art Dia de los Muertos Exhibition.  
Learn more >http://www.bmoa.org/

SEP - OCT, 2009.

José Ramón Lerma

Independent Curator Hanna Regev is raising money toward the filming of a documentary about Mr. Lerma’s life in the Art World by award-winning director William Farley.

OCTOBER 8, 2009
Kevin Bean lectured in conjunction with the From their Studios exhibition at Standford University  (520 Lasuen Mall)  Free and open to the public.      More info >http://events.stanford.edu/events/194/19451/
OCT. 2 - DEC. 3, 2009
Keith Gaspari’s colored pencil drawings exhibited in a Three Artist Show at the Stanford Art Spaces. (Paul G. Allen Building)        More info > http://cis.stanford.edu/~marigros/
OCT. 3 - NOV. 7, 2009
The Seduction of Duchamp, Bay Area Artists’ Response opened in Healdsburg at the SlaughterhouseSpace. Curated by Hanna Regev.       More info > ../exhibitions/0910-duchamp-p.html
OCTOBER 9, 2009
Gage Opdenbrouw’s Dia de los Muertos exhibition at the Bakersfield Museum of Art reviewed at the examiner.com      Read article > http://www.examiner.com/x-13996-SF-Museum-Examiner~y2009m10d9-Dia-De-Los-Muertos-at-Bakersfield-Museum-of-Art?cid=email-this-articlehttp://www.examiner.com/ExaminerSlideshow.html?entryid=642068&slide=1shapeimage_44_link_0
OCTOBER 30, 2009
Gage Opdenbrouw’s Dia de los Muertos paintings were featured in the art website  think faest      see the posting > http://think.faesthetic.com/?p=1911
Gage Opdenbrouw’s Dia de los Muertos exhibition at the  Bakersfield Museum of Art were featured in September issue of   MAS Magazine  (pages 16-19)    
see the article   > http://issuu.com/mercadonuevo/docs/masmagazine_sept_09
JANUARY 18, 2010
The Seduction of Duchamp was the subject for photographer Carina Abate’s photo-essay for SF Station
See it online > http://photos.sfstation.com/Art/Seduction-of-Duchamp/10975135_PWKyt#767080640_yr4gK
DECEMBER 9 - 31, 2009
Nicholas Coley recent paintings of local heavy equipment rendered in juicy and smothering color were shown at the Canessa Gallery. 
JANUARY 13, 2010
Opening Night for The Seduction of Duchamp  was comented on great detail in Leah Garchik’s San Francisco Chronicle column.       
Read article > http://www.sfgate.com/cgi-bin/article.cgi?f=/c/a/2010/01/12/DD7K1BFGM4.DTL&feed=rss.entertainment
JAN, 8 - FEB 20, 2010
Rebecca Goldfarb’s 3 Legged Chair with an Infinite 4th is on view on Valencia St. sidewalk at the entrance of the Gallery. 
It is 16 feet in height!
About the piece >../1001-duchamp/goldfarb-rebecca-11.html
DEC 10, 2009 - FEB 26, 2010
Agelio Batle’s works are in a two-men exhibition titled Altered Perspectives: Explorations of the organic and spiritual visual realms, at the Art Museum of Los Gatos, Los Gatos, CA. 
NOV. 20, 2009, - JAN. 3, 2010
Gary Brewer’s Botanical Grammar,  recent paintings and drawings will be on view at Quicksilver Mine Co. in Forestville, CA. http://www.quicksilvermineco.com/shows/brewer/index.html
NOV. 14 - DEC. 5 , 2009
Agelio Batle’s  recent drawings, paintings and  sculptures will be introduced at the Skinner-Howard Gallery in Sacramento, CA. http://www.skinnerhowardart.com/exhibitions.cfm
Gary Brewer, Adam Cahoon, Susan Danis, Brian Tepper & Terry Thompson  responded with works for the upcoming show The Seduction of Duchamp in San Francisco. ../exhibitions/1001-duchamp-p.html
NOVEMBER 14, 2009
Noah Levin’s Claremont 3 and Jessica Dunne’s, Parked Car are in the Big Blue Deal Auction benefiting VISUAL AID.http://www.visualaid.org/bigdeal16_preview.html
NOVEMBER 9, 2009
Jane Fisher’s Championship Bull  featured in DeWitt Cheng’s article The Pursuit of Hapiness at the East Bay Express.http://www.eastbayexpress.com/ebx/the-pursuit-of-happiness/Content?oid=1524718
Posted JAN. 21, 2010
Opening Night for The Seduction of Duchamp  was the subject of a 30 min. episode of KMVT’s PRESENT with Mel Van Dusen.  See it on YOU TUBE!http://www.youtube.com/watch_popup?v=D9-ofH_WBJI
JAN-FEB, 2010
Naomie Kremer’s Nude Descending Rhythm Section is available as variable size limited edition print!  with projection included.  (max. 70” x 50”)
See animation >../1001-duchamp/kremer-naomie-19.html
JANUARY 19, 2010
Zoe Prillinger & Luke Ogrydziak were part of our 1st Panel Discussion Probabilistic Art Form: Algorithmic Design. Endorsed by AIA San Francisco, a Chapter of the American Institute of Architects.  More info >http://www.aiasf.org/calendar/cal_detail.cfm?cid=5574http://www.aiasf.org/calendar/cal_detail.cfm?cid=5574../exhibitions/100119-panel-1.htmlshapeimage_74_link_0shapeimage_74_link_1
JANUARY 31, 2010
The 2nd Panel Discussion Unraveling the Duchamp Enigma, A Conversation with artists Richard Berger, Bernie Lubell, Naomie Kremer and Jan Wurm was a success. Over 130 people attended.  ../exhibitions/100131-panel-2.html

Extended until FEB. 14, 2010

The Seduction of Duchamp, Bay Area Artists’ Response has been extended one week due to popular request.

Don’t miss it!

FEB. 6 - MAR. 6, 2010
A solo show by gallery artist Gary Brewer, Lush Morphologies opens in Los Angeles at L2kontemporary. Featuring new paintings and drawings.http://l2kontemporary.com/
FEBRUARY 5 - 27, 2010
ArtZone’s Antonio Cortez, new mathematical objects are in the Group Show Prints Byte, the cutting edge of printmaking at SOMARTS Cultural Center. Curated by Hanna Regev and Justin Hoover.   More info >http://blog.somarts.org/post/342932363/save-the-date-prints-byte-opens-in-main-gallery
JANUARY 31, 2010
James McManuss, Co-Curator of the Smithsonian’s National Portrait Gallery exhibition Inventing Marcel Duchamp: The Dynamics of Portraiture was the Special Guest of our panel discussion Unraveling the Duchamp Enigma.http://mitpress.mit.edu/catalog/item/default.asp?ttype=2&tid=11693
FEBRUARY 20, 2010
Steven Lopez was part of  the Prints Byte panel discussion, at SOMARTS with Robert Flynn Johnson, Art Hazelwood and moderated by Don Farnswort.     More info >http://blog.somarts.org/post/397601186/reminder-politics-of-printmaking-discussion-this
FEB. 17 - MAR. 12, 2010
Gage Opdenbrouw painting Violet Avenue School is part of the group show Bay Area Art Educators at the Louie-Meager Art Gallery, Ohlone College.     More info >http://www2.ohlone.edu/org/artgallery/2010shows/Educators_2010.htm
MARCH 10 - APRIL 2, 2010
Fur, Fish and Game, The work of Jane Fisher is on view at Diablo Valley College Art Gallery in Pleasant Hill.  Jane is the new fulltime painting instructor at DVC.    More info >http://www.dvc.edu/events/events/art.htm

Extended until APRIL 4, 2010

UN-TITLED a group show of gallery artists & Eileen Starr Moderbacher new small paintings have been extended one week. Don’t miss it!

FEBRUARY 26, 2010

ArtZone 461  is the only gallery west of the Mississippi mentioned  in Daniel Grant’s Huffington Post article Does Price-Cutting Really Help Sell Art? Grant is a regular contributor to ARTnews magazine and The Wall Street Journal.       More info >http://www.huffingtonpost.com/daniel-granthttp://www.huffingtonpost.com/daniel-grant/does-price-cutting-really_b_477888.htmlshapeimage_91_link_0
MARCH-APRIL 2010 issue
The Seduction of Duchamp, Bay Area Artists’ Response was reviewed in Art Ltd. Magazine by Art Critic DeWitt Cheng. 
 issues available at ArtZone!  >http://www.artltdmag.com/index.php?subaction=showfull&id=1268424199&archive=&start_from=&ucat=32&page=reviews
APRIL 18, 2010 
Artist in residence Eileen Starr Moderbacher participated in the Headlands Center for the Arts  Spring Open House in Sausalito.http://headlands.org/index.asp?flashok=true
APRIL 22, 2010 
Adam Cahoon donated his painting Pit to this year’s Visual Aid Spring Live Art Auction event hosted by Chronicle Books. Proceeds benefit Visual Aid’s artists programs.http://www.visualaid.org/
MAR. 25 - APR. 23, 2010
Juror Peter Frank selected Gage Opdenbrouw’s Window #9 for inclusion in the 23rd annual McNeese Works on Paper Exhibition in the Abercrombie Gallery in Louisiana. 
 More info >http://www.banners.org/oneevent.cfm?event_id=78
APRIL 10, 2010 
Eileen Starr Moderbacher painting Plume of Dust was at the client appreciation show at the Signature Strecher Bars’ Warehouse Gallery in Oakland.http://www.warehousegallery.net/
APRIL 22, 2010 
Nick Coley donated his painting Fire Hydrant on Market to this year’s Visual Aid Spring Silent Art Auction event hosted by Chronicle Books. Proceeds benefit Visual Aid’s artists programs.http://www.visualaid.org/
APRIL 23-25, 2010 
ArtZone’s Director Steven Lopez curated the show ART Beaucoup Artists for the  Mission Artists United Spring Open Studios at WORKSPACE LTD.http://www.workspacelimited.org
APRIL 28, 2010 
ArtZone’s Director Steven Lopez was in the panel RISE ABOVE THE CROWD: Presenting Yourself as a Professional Artist held at the Arc Gallery. Organized by SF Artists Network.http://www.sfartistnetwork.org
APRIL 22, 2010 
Heidi McDowell donated her painting Epson Clouds to this year’s Visual Aid Spring Silent Art Auction. Proceeds benefit Visual Aid’s artists programs.http://heidimcdowell.blogspot.com/
JANE FISHERhttp://www.janefisher.net/
KEITH GASPARIhttp://www.keithgaspari.com
HEIDI MCDOWELLhttp://www.heidimatic.com/
EILEEN  MODERBACHERhttp://www.artisteileen.com/
GAGE OPDENBROUWhttp://www.engageingart.com/
RYAN M. REYNOLDShttp://reynoldsryan.com/
ADAM CAHOONhttp://www.adamartbio.com/
NICHOLAS COLEYhttp://www.nickcoley.com/



RANDY BECKELHEIMERhttp://www.randybeckelheimer.com
SUSAN DANIShttp://www.susandanis.com/
BECKY ROBBINShttp://www.wverythingbecky.com/
LINDA RAYNSFORDhttp://lindaraynsford.com/
BRIAN TEPPERhttp://briantepper.com/index.php
JEONG IM YIhttp://www.jeongimfineart.com
STAN WASHBURNhttp://www.stanwashburn.com

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