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• Articles on Valencia Street

The present decade's migration of art galleries to the south side of town, on or near the Valencia Street corridor, was prompted by more than steep downtown commercial rent. The lure of creative flexibility plays a part, as does the desire to broaden the audience for challenging contemporary art.
                                                                                                     read more  >http://www.sfgate.com/cgi-bin/article.cgi?f=/c/a/2009/08/21/DDP519BDFU.DTL&type=art#ixzz0QTlDCfPs
The Valencia Streetscape Improvement Project will bring major enhancements to Valencia Street that will benefit all of its users. To get there though, bicyclists and businesses will have to weather a nine-month storm of construction, which began three weeks ago. At a press conference today at ArtZone 461 Gallery, Supervisor Chris Daly and the DPW's Alex Murillo vowed to do everything possible to help make the process less painful, and business owners sought to remind residents that they will remain open throughout, even if work crews are right outside their door.                      
                                                                                                              read more  >http://www.sfgov.org/site/sfdpw_page.asp?id=69841http://sf.streetsblog.org/2009/07/20/valencia-project-will-bring-improvements-worth-the-short-term-headaches/http://sf.streetsblog.org/2009/07/20/valencia-project-will-bring-improvements-worth-the-short-term-headaches/http://sf.streetsblog.org/2009/08/18/valencia-businesses-hope-customers-keep-shopping-during-construction/shapeimage_18_link_0shapeimage_18_link_1shapeimage_18_link_2
The Valencia Streetscape Improvements project, which spans Valencia from 15th Street to 19th Street, is intended to provide a safer, more inviting environment for the street's users. The crux of the project is "six to nine feet of sidewalk widening," said DPW project manager Kris Opbroek. On the whole, though, the project should bring a streetscape virtually unrivaled in San Francisco, and one that can serve as a model for future design. 
                                                                                                        read more  >http://www.sfgov.org/site/sfdpw_page.asp?id=69841http://sf.streetsblog.org/2009/07/20/valencia-project-will-bring-improvements-worth-the-short-term-headaches/shapeimage_19_link_0

Art galleries takin' it to Valencia Street
San Francisco Chronicle | Kenneth Baker | August 22, 2009

Valencia Businesses Hope Customers Keep Shopping During Construction
SFStreetsBlog.org | Michael Rhodes | August 18, 2009

Valencia Project Will Bring Improvements Worth the Short-Term Headaches
SFStreetsBlog.org | Michael Rhodes | July 20, 2009

I attended the ‘Better Valencia Street’ event that SFBC had listed on its website. It was basically an outreach event by the San Francisco Department of Public Works (SFDPW, at sfdpw.com) to let us all know how our money is being spent.  Steven Lopez of Art Zone 461, a local gallery, was at the meeting and offered to help with art-related projects.
                                                                                                        read more  >http://www.sfbike.org/?chain#2742http://www.sfgov.org/site/sfdpw_page.asp?id=69841http://www.sfgov.org/site/sfdpw_page.asp?id=69841http://bikeblogs.org/sf/2008/08/28/better-valencia-street/shapeimage_20_link_0shapeimage_20_link_1shapeimage_20_link_2

Better Valencia Street
San Francisco Bike Blog | Peter Smith | August 28, 2008

Valencia Street, ground zero of the burgeoning Mission District in San Francisco, bustles with a cacophony of sights, sounds and interactions. Gourmets from other areas of San Francisco dodge the sidewalk action as they hunt for the storefront of the latest, cutting edge restaurant or check addresses for yet another new clothing or furniture boutique. Now, one can add art galleries to the Mission’s vibrant mix. Artists themselves have lived in the area for years, drawn by the lower rents and the cultural diversity. ArtZone 461 knows well the importance of a gallery’s place in a city. 
“Promoting Bay Area artists has already been a part of my mission.” Lopez says. “But I also want to reach out to collectors of international art. Too many people feel that they have to go to New York or London to buy art. They aren’t looking in San Francisco for quality work and it is right under their noses.
                                                                                                         read more  >http://www.artltdmag.com/index.php?subaction=showfull&id=1219101475&archive=&start_from=&ucat=39&page=reports

REVIVAL IN THE MISSION | ArtLtd. Magazine | Divina Infusino | August 1, 2008



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As early as 7 a.m. the jackhammers begin hacking into the open earth that now lines the businesses on the west side of Valencia Street between 19th and 15th streets.   It’s not an environment that invites foot traffic, local owners are finding.  Although the contractor hopes to complete the construction on the west side of Valencia before Thanksgiving, Murillo expects it to be completed in early January—that is if “mother nature doesn’t have something up her sleeve.”                     
                                                                                                              read more  >http://missionlocal.org/2009/09/valencia-streetscape-improvement-project-derails-business/

Valencia Streetscape Project Derails Business
missionlocal.org | Nancy Lopez | September 17, 2009

In a public meeting held by the San Francisco Arts Commission on Wednesday, the contest between two-headed squirrels, a metal net, a boat made of bicycles, and a handful of Victorian posts finally came to an end. The posts won.
“I’m ecstatic,” said Michael Arcega, the designer behind “Valencia Street Post,” a collection of six posts inspired by Victorian architecture and the winner of the Valencia Streetscape Public Art Project.
                                                                                                              read more  >http://www.sfartscommission.org/http://missionlocal.org/2009/07/part-2-artists-chosen-to-vie-for-valencia-streetscape-project/http://www.flickr.com/photos/42259687@N08/3890841313/http://www.flickr.com/photos/42259687@N08/3890841313/http://missionlocal.org/2009/09/valencia-streetscapes-proposals-are-here/http://missionlocal.org/2009/09/victorian-street-posts-win-valencia-street-art-contest/shapeimage_34_link_0shapeimage_34_link_1shapeimage_34_link_2shapeimage_34_link_3shapeimage_34_link_4

Victorian Street Posts Win Valencia Street Art Contest
missionlocal.org | Justin Juul | September 17, 2009

Michael Arcega, who is known for his  humor and work on immigration, is one of four artists the city chose to compete  for the Valencia Street public art project.  The first Misako Inaoka is here.  The third, Brian Goggin, will appear this week.  The three artists will meet with the community on July 23 from 9.30 am to 12.30 am at the Mission Police Station at 630 Valencia Street to hear Mission District talk about their vision for the project.  The artists will the design and present later this fall.                    
                                                                                                              read more  >http://www.sfgov.org/site/sfdpw_page.asp?id=69841http://missionlocal.org/2009/07/part-1-artists-chosen-to-vie-for-valencia-streetscape-project/http://missionlocal.org/2009/07/part-2-artists-chosen-to-vie-for-valencia-streetscape-project/shapeimage_35_link_0shapeimage_35_link_1

Michael Arcega, Competitor for Art on Valencia
missionlocal.org | Stefania Rouselle | July 5, 2009


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GALLERY GUIDEhttp://www.sfbayareagalleryguide.com/
GALLERY MAPhttp://missionlocal.org/2010/07/art-galleries-map/
Some say the inner Mission District has undergone far more hipsterfication than gentrification -- the inevitable result of a surfeit of moderate rents, thrift stores, dive bars, coffeehouses, bookstores, art galleries and avant-garde theater.  The BART station at 16th and Mission is a great way to get there, but there is occasionally some parking towards 16th and South Van Ness.
                                                                                                     read more  >http://www.sfgate.com/neighborhoods/sf/mission_16thstreet/

San Francisco: Mission: 16th & Valencia Streets
San Francisco Chronicle | A Guide | Permanent Section

The San Francisco street that Leah Plack should use to commute to work isn't the one she actually ends up taking. A bicyclist, Plack, 27, uses a "super smooth" parallel stretch of Valencia Street, which had repaving, sidewalk widening and greening projects completed in July.
                                                                                                     read more  >http://articles.sfgate.com/2010-10-11/bay-area/24130178_1_worst-streets-mission-street-funding-sources

S.F. streets mean, they're full of potholes
San Francisco Chronicle | Jessica Kwong | October 11, 2010

When Oscar Wilde visited the San Francisco Bohemian Club in 1882, he reportedly observed, "I never saw so many well-dressed, well-fed, business-looking Bohemians in my life."
Come autumn, the fog clears, and this picturesque metropolis by the bay truly comes into its own, with alterna-dudes strutting up and down Valencia Street, skateboards in hand, and venture capitalists making deals from surfboards and road bikes. It's all good, they say, and it really is.
                                                                                                    read more  >http://online.wsj.com/article/SB10001424052748704631504575532063842966330.html

Keeping Reality at Bay
The Wall Street Journal | Maria Finn | October 09, 2010

On Sept. 17, the mayor announced that the city will spend an additional $68.5 million in infrastructure funding for 2010-2011 from bonds and state and federal grants.  As part of Great Streets, 19th Avenue between Lincoln Way and Junipero Serra Boulevard will be upgraded to improve the streetscape for drivers and pedestrians, much like the Valencia Street project that widened sidewalks and realigned parking and bicycle lanes to improve visibility.                                                                     read more  >http://xpress.sfsu.edu/archives/arts/015468.html

San Francisco roads among worst in nation
Golden Gate Xpress | Kaytlin Paris | October 12, 2010

Multiple Artists at ArtZone 461 Gallery, San Francisco  | KUSP 88.0 Central Coast Public Radio | Maureen Davidson | January 21, 2010

ArtZone 461 opened in 2008 at 461 Valencia Street at 16th St. near the Intersection for the Arts in San Francisco’s Mission District... They have created a very inviting and accessible space in this 3,500 square foot, tall and deep, brick-walled industrial interior--one side with bay doors that open to Valencia Street.  Showing primarily figurative or representational artists from the US and abroad, they have also hosted several traveling exhibitions...  Go, it’s a friendly and high concept place. My new home in the Mission District.
                                                                                                     read more  >http://beta.kusp.org/blogs/maureen-davidson/seduction-duchamp-bay-area-artists%E2%80%99-response-multiple-artists-artzone-461-gal
I have a friend who loves San Francisco. "You're lucky to live there," he says. I have another pal who hates the place.I agree with both of them, sometimes. Here are a few of my favorite places in San Francisco...
The best street in the city: Valencia, hands down. It has bookstores, coffee shops, bike shops, galleries, restaurants, a wonderful Italian deli, and a young and hip street life. Valencia Street also celebrates the city's new literary scene, the way North Beach did years ago.           read more  >http://topics.sfgate.com/topics/San_Franciscohttp://www.sfgate.com/cgi-bin/article.cgi?f=/c/a/2010/10/03/MNAT1FMEVO.DTLshapeimage_70_link_0

The best and worst of the city
San Francisco Chronicle | Carl Nolte | October 11, 2010