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ArtZone 461 Gallery: Why Paint a Landscape? | ArtBusiness.com | RWM | Jan. 21, 2012

One may seek out landscape painting in the interest of finding beauty. They may also be interested in seeing places that they will never get to. A good landscape painting can be sublime and help one remember the solitude they have experienced, or to revel...  read more  >http://www.artbusiness.com/1open/012112.html

ArtZone 461 Gallery: Under One Sun - Jane Fisher | ArtBusiness.com | Alan Bamberger | Jan. 21, 2012

In the side gallery, Jane Fisher provides us with a visual diary of her recent travels. Pretty convincing. I kinda feel like I'm there.   read more  >http://www.artbusiness.com/1open/072311.html
JANE FISHERhttp://www.janefisher.net/
KEITH GASPARIhttp://www.keithgaspari.com
HEIDI MCDOWELLhttp://www.heidimatic.com/
EILEEN  MODERBACHERhttp://www.artisteileen.com/
GAGE OPDENBROUWhttp://www.engageingart.com/
RYAN M. REYNOLDShttp://reynoldsryan.com/
ADAM CAHOONhttp://www.adamartbio.com/
NICHOLAS COLEYhttp://www.nickcoley.com/
RANDY BECKELHEIMERhttp://www.randybeckelheimer.com
SUSAN DANIShttp://www.susandanis.com/
BECKY ROBBINShttp://www.wverythingbecky.com/
LINDA RAYNSFORDhttp://lindaraynsford.com/
BRIAN TEPPERhttp://briantepper.com/index.php
JEONG IM YIhttp://www.jeongimfineart.com
STAN WASHBURNhttp://www.stanwashburn.com
TERRY THOMPSONhttp://www.terrythompsonart.com/

ArtZone 461 Gallery: Stan Washburn  | ArtBusiness.com | RWM | July 23, 2011

In the art of Stan Washburn, we enjoy quiet time at museums. Grand paintings adorn the walls, some which you may recognize. Nudist night at one museum surprisingly does not draw the crowds. Things might have been different had they all been depicted by Picasso.    read more  >http://www.artbusiness.com/1open/072311.html

ArtZone 461 Gallery: Road Trip - Heidi McDowell | ArtBusiness.com | RWM | July 23, 2011

McDowell's striking industrial buildings interject themselves into the scenery of this trip through America, their characteristics accentuated with atmospheric lighting. They each seem to have their own stories. Great skies and other unusual stops..   read more  >http://www.artbusiness.com/1open/072311.html

Heidi McDowell: "Road Trip" at Artzone 461 | art ltd. | DeWitt Cheng | Sep. 1, 2011

...With their oddly cropped compositions, blurred focus, and embrace of the fugitive and transient, the slice-of-life works of Degas, Manet, Monet, and Renoir paradoxically foreshadow Kodak. Painter Heidi McDowell updates this symbiosis, exploiting the "quick, cheap and easy nature of digital cameras" and the auto's mobility...   read more  >http://www.artltdmag.com/index.php?subaction=showfull&id=1315333874&archive=&start_from=&ucat=32

ArtZone 461 Gallery: Adam Cahoon Paintings - Portraits of an Absurd Nature | ArtBusiness.com | Anneliese Vobis | Sep. 17, 2011

...Elegant compositions with sometimes seductive surfaces convey a surrealistic feel. Like Dali and Magritte, Cahoon creates visions of his otherworldly imagination. The portrayed figures and landscapes act as sensory meditations.   read more  >http://www.artbusiness.com/1open/091711.html

Top Pick: Adam Cahoon | The Examiner | The List | Sep. 29, 2011

In his new series of paintings, “Portraits of an Absurd Nature”, the artist seeks to find relevance for abstract concepts and scientific theory in daily life.  His interests include explorations of quantum physics, gravity, black holes and string theory. Through Oct. 16.

ArtZone 461 Gallery: Blossoms and Roots; Sonja Navin - Vestige and Vision ArtBusiness.com | Alan Bamberger & RWM | July 14, 2012

A lot to celebrate here. There has been amazing and transforming work exhibited over the years. At times profound...  Street scenes and figure paintings by Sonja Navin in the side gallery.  read more  >http://www.artbusiness.com/1open/071412a.html

ArtZone 461 Gallery: Nicholas Coley - Changes In The Landscape | ArtBusiness.com | RWM | June 9, 2012

Great landscapes with generous uses of paint. Nice to get caught up in the emotions and to be in the outdoors if only vicarously. We need to protect what we love..  read more  >http://www.artbusiness.com/1open/060912.html

ArtZone 461 Gallery: Diana Lee - Top Shelf Scratchboard | ArtBusiness.com | Alan Bamberger | June 9, 2012

Diana Lee is a phenomenally exceptional-- do I dare say brilliant?-- scratchboard artist. I've never seen anyone work it like she does. Any takers?..  read more  >http://www.artbusiness.com/1open/060912.html

ArtZone 461 Gallery: Ryan M. Reynolds - Continuum | ArtBusiness.com | RWM | April 14, 2012

Compelling show which explores wonder and memory. Great landscapes of time and place assembled in collages of sorts. There are stories to be told. Viewers find themselves hungry for narratives which they could add on their own...  read more  >http://www.artbusiness.com/1open/041412a.html

ArtZone 461 Gallery: Introductions 2012 | ArtBusiness.com | Alan Bamberger | March 10, 2012

Art by five finalists and five honorable mentions from ArtZone 461's 2012 juried competition....  read more  >http://www.artbusiness.com/1open/031012.html

ArtZone 461 Gallery: PreOccupied - E. Dale Erickson | ArtBusiness.com | Alan Bamberger | March 3, 2012

Hopper-esque slice o' life paintings by E. Dale Erickson reel you right into the stillness of their dramas....  read more  >http://www.artbusiness.com/1open/030312.html
Ryan Reynolds' attraction to the shoreline is not that surprising, then, considering his interest in how time and memory shape our experience of the natural world, and water is the very archetype of ceaseless change: you can't step into the same river twice. ... read more  >http://www.artltdmag.com/index.php?subaction=showfull&id=1342118284&archive=&start_from=&ucat=32&

Ryan M. Reynolds: "Continuum" at Artzone 461 | art ltd. | DeWitt Cheng |

July, 2012

Vol. 5: Ryan Reynolds - “Alma Submerged” | InkWellMag.com | Jen Rhodes | Nov. 2012

“The paintings were created through a process of observation. This observation happens over the course of many days weeks and months. My obsession or compulsion with an attempt to record a specific place…  
read more  >http://www.inkwellmag.com/post/13546761414/vol-5-ryan-reynolds-alma-submerged

San Francisco Area Event Picks for July 12 – 18, 2012 | Madeinslant.com | by Eyeswoon  | July 12, 2012

Saturday, July 14 Event: ‘Vestige and Vision‘ paintings by Sonja Navin, Opening Reception
.... read more  >http://www.madeinslant.com/2012/07/san-francisco-area-event-picks-for-july-12-july-18-2012/

San Francisco Area Event Picks for June 7 – 13, 2012 | Madeinslant.com | by Eyeswoon  |  June 7, 2012

Saturday, June 9 Event: “Changes In The Landscape” paintings by Nicholas Coley, Opening Reception ....                     read more  >http://www.madeinslant.com/2012/06/san-francisco-area-event-picks-for-june-7-june-13-2012/

San Francisco Area Event Picks for Apr. 12 – 18, 2012 | Madeinslant.com | by Eyeswoon  |  Apr. 12, 2012

Saturday, April 14 Event: CONTINUUM mixed-media works by Ryan M. Reynolds, Opening Reception ....                     read more  >http://www.madeinslant.com/2012/04/san-francisco-area-event-picks-for-april-12-april-18-2012/

San Francisco Area Event Picks for Mar. 8 – 14, 2012 | Madeinslant.com | by Eyeswoon  |  Mar. 8, 2012

Saturday, March 10 Event: Introductions 2012 – featuring realist painters Lynette Cook, James Edmonds, Lara Hoke, Hadley Northrop, and Elena Zolotnitsky, Opening Reception ....                     read more  >http://www.madeinslant.com/2012/03/san-francisco-area-event-picks-for-march-8-march-14-2012/

San Francisco Area Event Picks for Mar. 1 – 7, 2012 | Madeinslant.com | by Eyeswoon  |  Mar. 1, 2012

Saturday, March 3 Event: “PreOccupied” paintings by Dale Erickson, Opening Reception ....                     read more  >http://www.madeinslant.com/2012/03/san-francisco-area-event-picks-for-march-1-march-7-2012/

San Francisco Area Event Picks for Jan. 19 – 25, 2012 | Madeinslant.com | by Eyeswoon  |  Jan. 19, 2012

Saturday, Jan. 21 Event: Why Paint a Landscape?” explores interests of today’s landscape painters, Opening Reception ....                     read more  >http://www.madeinslant.com/2012/01/san-francisco-area-event-picks-for-january-19-january-25-2012/

San Francisco Area Event Picks for July 20 – 26, 2011 | Madeinslant.com | by Eyeswoon  |  July 20, 2011

Saturday, July 22 Event: “Road Trip” a new exhibition of paintings by Heidi McDowell, photo-documenting her various car trips through the Western United States, Opening Reception ....                     read more  >http://www.madeinslant.com/2011/07/san-francisco-area-event-picks-for-july-20-%E2%80%93-july-26-2011/

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