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Sandra Ortiz Taylor’s undergraduate art education was complete at UCLA followed by a Master’s degree in Drawing and Painting from the State University of Iowa, Iowa City. She also spent a year of independent study in Italy, England, France and Spain.

Sandra has exhibited for some 40 years at various regional, national and international venues. In addition, she has taught art for 35 years in the San Francisco Community College District. In 2007 she was the recipient of an individual artist’s grant from the San Francisco Art Commission.

In 2009 she received a scholarship through the creative capacity fund and had works in included in Assemblage + Construction at the Museum of Art and History at the McPherson Center in Santa Cruz.

Sandra Ortiz Taylor, Crossing over, Duchamp’s Shadow,

2009, Mixed Media, 16 1/2” x 23” x 6 3/4”, $1,000

January 9  -  February 7, 2010




Hanna Regev

& Steven Lopez

“Marcel Duchamp played an extraordinary role in art history. His work has to be viewed in the context of ht time he lived in. He was an iconoclast who significantly broadened the purview of art for all who followed. His work, even though viewed through the lens of history, continues to cast a long shadow. I very much enjoyed renewing my study of him and crating this mythical traveling case for him and Rose Selavy.”            Sandra Ortiz Taylor

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